The Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award recognizes teaching assistants who have demonstrated outstanding abilities at the University of Iowa. The Office of the Provost has authorized the Council on Teaching to give up to 30 awards each year. Awardees receive $1,000 and will be presented with a certificate at the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards Reception to be held on Thursday, May 2, 2024.

Nominations for the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award may be initiated by students, faculty, colleagues, departmental executive officers, or deans. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Teaching assistants from all academic units may be nominated. To be eligible, nominees must have had some type of formal student contact as part of their duties during the spring, summer, and/or fall 2023. A teaching assistant who has received this award in the past may not be nominated again. 

Please note: The total amount of this award may be influenced or modified depending on the current financial aid received by the awardee. Any questions concerning reductions in the amount of the award received should be directed to Julie Hostager ( in the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Nomination materials must include:

1. Nominator Letter (1 page, signed and dated):

Successful nomination letters typically provide specific examples which illustrate the nominee's ability to:

  • Motivate students and encourage class participation.
  • Promote an inclusive and accessible learning environment.
  • Present clear and engaging instruction.
  • Provide effective student feedback.

It is not expected that nominees will have demonstrated all of these abilities. 

2. Course Supervisor* Recommendation Letter (1 page, signed and dated):
Recommendation letters should address similar criteria to those listed above, as well as a description of the nominee's assigned teaching duties and responsibilities. 

*If the course supervisor is the nominator, then another faculty member familiar with the nominee's teaching, such as the Director of Graduate Studies or the teaching department's DEO, should write the recommendation letter. 

3. Statement of Teaching Philosophy (1 page, prepared by the teaching assistant nominee):
This statement should be a purposeful and reflective essay outlining the nominee's teaching beliefs and practices. 

4. Summary of Course Evaluations (2 pages maximum):
The Council on Teaching recognizes that departments use various means to solicit student evaluations of teaching assistants' performance. A faculty member from the teaching department, ideally the course supervisor, should prepare the summary of evaluations. The nominee may not be charged with this responsibility.

The summary should identify the course number, course name, section enrollment, and semester for the relevant evaluations. The inclusion of anonymous student comments related to the nominee is highly recommended, but they are not required.

5. Student Support Letters:
The nominator should solicit no fewer than 3 and no more than 5 letters of support from students in the classes the teaching assistant has taught. To avoid potential conflicts of interest, the nominee should not have access to letters written by currently enrolled students. The letters must be combined into one PDF before uploading to the submission form.

Student nominators who need assistance with any aspect of the nomination process should contact a faculty member in the nominee's teaching department.

Required nomination materials are to be collected by the nominee's teaching department and submitted by that office via the online submission form.

For questions, please contact the Council on Teaching at ( 

Nominations must be submitted and be approved in Workflow by the teaching department's DEO by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 5, 2024. Nominations received after this date will not be considered. 

Nominees will be sent an email confirming their completed application has been received. If the nominee does NOT receive this confirmation by March 11, 2024, they should contact to check on the status of their application.

Past Recipients

Munachim AmahJournalism and Mass Communication
Sydney ArlisBiology
Arnold W. Bangel IIIIndustrial and Systems Engineering
Matthew Lee BarberMathematics
Sarah BarringerRhetoric
Jose David BeltranMathematics
Qiao Yang (Jamie) ChenEnglish
Mandy DunphyTeaching and Learning
Adriana Fernández QueroMathematics
Philip GriffinPhysics and Astronomy
Tyler C. GroverPhysics and Astronomy
Samuel HarperPolitical Science
Spencer JonesRhetoric 
Maddison KunclHistory
Sun Joo LeeMusic
Asa Josiah MadisonSociology and Criminology
Nathan Kilian MicatkaPolitical Science
Logan MooreAnthropology
Grace Josephine Rose MorseEnglish
Mofiyinfoluwa (Fi) O.English
Jack RockwellRhetoric
Kristen RonningMusic
Stephanie SchmittPolitical Science
Maria SlusarekTeaching and Learning
Joey SmallMathematics
Danielle TalbotAnatomy and Cell Biology
Jacob Van GrinsvenMathematics
Alison WarrenTeaching and Learning
Corinne  WattsAnthropology
Edward L. WhiteMathematics



Mir Ashfaquzzaman

Journalism and Mass Communication

Elise N. Askelsen


Andrew Parayil Boge

Communication Studies

Caroline Boyd-Rogers

Psychological and Brain Sciences

Cameron Lynn Brown

Communication Studies

Tove Conway


Caleb H. DeWitt


Ibrahim Emirahmetoglu


Kitrick Fynaardt


Katie Gilbert

French and Italian

Sean Gunderson

Physics and Astronomy

Chantel Johnson

Counselor Education

Patrick R. Johnson

Journalism and Mass Communication

Corrine Jones

Communication Studies

Willow Kreutzer

Political Science

Klyde Ledamo

Music - Piano Area

Madlynn Libao

Sociology and Criminology

Garrett Mason


Mackenzi McGowan

Spanish and Portuguese

Carly Millerd

Political Science

Valerie Muensterman

Theatre Arts

Sydney O'Hare


Ryan John Policheri

Computer Science

Victoria Priola


Jessa Rhea


Jennie Sekanics


Shannon Sweeney

Communication Studies

PJ Zaborowski



Ghadeer Abaido Music
Mary Ball Teaching and Learning
Karen Barkauskas-Goring Teaching and Learning
Tamar Bernfeld Teaching and Learning
Samuel Boucher History
Annie Burkhart Rhetoric
Laura Carpenter Rhetoric
Benjamin Coldwell Cinematic Arts
Joseph Coll Political Science
Marie Culpepper French and Italian
Megan Dehner Teaching and Learning
Jalen Dickson Chemistry
Cassie Finley Philosophy
Jonathan Gleason English
Joseph Glover Philosophy
Aaran Gross Physics and Astronomy
Madeline Hunsicker Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies
Addison Huygens Political Science
Edward Keogh Classics
Peter Larsen American Studies
Taylor Mayne Music
Max Sampson Statistics and Actuarial Science
John Sheridan Rhetoric and Religious Studies
Allison Stickley Rhetoric
Adelheid Bethanny Sudibyo Spanish and Portuguese
Andrew Tan-Delli Cicchi English
Jingwen (Gin) Tian Economics
Jason Wang Psychological and Brain Science
Samantha Warren Mathematics


Recipient Teaching Department
Sarah Adler English
Nicole Amato Teaching and Learning
Brittany Anderson Anthropology
Uchechi Anomnachi Rhetoric
Frederico Antolini Geographical and Sustainability Sciences
Kassie Baron English
Crystal Black Theatre Arts
Aimee Cryer Rhetoric
Jeremy Geragotelis Rhetoric
Christian Haas Chemistry
Sarah Kingsbury Classics
Bomi Lee Political Science
Anna Leinheiser Mathematics
Amanda Lewis Psychological and Brain Sciences
Garrett Lewis History
Jeremey Lowenthal English
Michael Montanye Management & Entrepreneurship
Hansini Munasinghe Sociology and Criminology
Cindy Ok Creative Writing
Lauren Peters Communication Studies
Hayley Petras Chemistry
Khaled Rajeh English
Mark Rheaume Rhetoric
Justin Rosenblume Earth and Environmental Sciences
John Rubio English
Tatiana Schlote-Bonne English
Grant Shivers Chemistry
Marisa Tirado Rhetoric
Christopher Wei Rhetoric
Margaret Yapp English


Recipient Teaching Department
Lindsey Allemang Political Science
Berkley Conner Communication Studies
Luke Borland History
Nicholas Connolly Mathematics
Caroline Froh Classics
TQ George Philosophy
Jared Grove Mathematics
Cara Held Classics
Alaine Hippee Biology
Lucas Howell Chemistry
Noah Johnson Anthropology
Maxwell Lieberman Anthropology
Ashley Loup American Studies
Nicholas Luedtke Biochemistry
Andrea Merello Teaching & Learning
Peter Miller Classics and Religious Studies
Laura Moser Classics
Kathleen Maris Paltrineri English
Mitchell Riley Mathematics
Srivats Sarathy Biomedical Engineering
Andrea Scardina Rhetoric
Cody Schmidt Political Science
Ian Shank Rhetoric
Joseph TenHulzen History
Jennifer Thines Earth & Environmental Studies
Rachel Torres Political Science
Ryan Tribble Classics
Soe Tun Chemistry
Caitlin Ward Biostatistics
Michael Young Teaching and Learning

RecipientTeaching Department
Amanda J. AdamsEarth and Environmental Sciences
Curtis BalzMathematics
Aiden BettineHistory
Laura BrownPhilosophy
Maria L. CapecchiEnglish
Caroline M. CheungRhetoric
Ann DeVaultTeaching & Learning
Hannah Wommack EspySociology
Alisa FairweatherChemistry
Matthew HelmRhetoric
Paul Samuel Padasas IgnacioMathematics
Elizabeth JasperEpidemiology
Courtney L. JuelichPolitical Science
Steven Patrick KeehnerAnthropology
Melanie KingMathematics
Farhan LakhanyPhilosophy
Kate LechtenbergTeaching & Learning
Maddison L. McGannRhetoric
Pake MellandMathematics
Tina N. MihmChemistry
Amrei OswaldMathematics
Daniel L. Parr IVChemistry
Anna C. ReisetterBiostatistics
Kelli A. RushekTeaching & Learning
Avik SamantaMechanical Engineering
Jonathan SchachererPsychological & Brain Sciences
Roberto C. Toro-RodriguezMathematics
Rajinda S. WickramaMathematics
Adam WoodMathematics


Recipient Teaching Department
Burk, Chelsea English
Colpean, Michelle Communication Studies
Costa, Allison Physics and Astronomy
Cronin, Daniel Rhetoric
Dickinson, Rebecca Social Work
Hayes, Laura Rhetoric
Kim, Yooneui Political Science
Krien, Braden Rhetoric
Larson, Haley English
Liebergen, Jared Philosophy
Oehmen, Nicole Sociology
Peterson, Ashley Communication Studies
Rodriguez, John Jairo Rios Management Sciences
Rozsa, Diann American Studies
Schmitt, Paul Rhetoric
Simmons, Caitlin Rhetoric
Spencer, E Rhetoric
Szech, Laura Teaching and Learning
Wu, I-Heng Management and Organizations

Recipient Teaching Department
Benson, Dalton History
Berrizbeitia, Ana Mathematics
Borghi, Brittany Rhetoric
Bruno, Enrico Rhetoric
Buehler, Emily Communication Studies
Butterfield, Natalie O. Physics & Astronomy
Campillo-Alvarado, Gonzalo Chemistry
Casey, Patrick Art and Art History
Child, Gregory Teaching and Learning
Cosner, Justin English
Edison, Jeremy Robert Mathematics
Edmonds, Ranthony Mathematics
Goetz, Emily Communication Sciences & Disorders
Haman, John Journalism & Mass Communication
Harmon, Nyema Chemistry
Hickner-Johnson, Corey English
Hinojosa, Jason English
Jin, Shuai Political Science
Jordan, Larissa Communication Sciences & Disorders
LaCombe, Scott Political Science
Madore, Ethan English
Olovson, Brian Spanish & Portuguese
Peone, Dina Rhetoric
Rafique, Hassan Mathematics
Redmond, David Philosophy
Steiner, Makayla C. Rhetoric
Stevenson, Holly Philosophy
Swist, Jeremy J. Classics
Unmuth- Yockey, Judah Physics & Astronomy
Walden, Katherine Rhetoric
Williams, Anna Marie English 

Recipient Teaching Department
Aijala, Heidi  Rhetoric
Elkind, Landon  Philosophy
Ghamari, Mohssen  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Goodale- Sussen, Gemma English
Jackl, Jennifer  Communication Studies
Joshi, Madhur Satish  Chemistry
Kelleher, Erin J.  English
Landgren, Jeffrey  Mathematics
Langenfeld, Natalie  Biostatistics
Layng, Alex  Earth and Environmental Sciences
Mackinnon, Rebeccah J.  Mathematics
Moy, Eric  Journalism & Mass Communication
Nesbit, Katherine H.  Rhetoric
Orme, Timothy  Cinematic Arts
Reiff, Marija E. H.  English
Rodman, Daniel L.  Mathematics
Ronhovde, Cicily J.  Chemistry
Sand, Ann M.  Rhetoric
Schmidt, Jennifer A.  Chemistry
Scholte, Jon  Chemical and Biochem Engineering
Schroeder, Chloe M.  Chemistry
Sharbrough, Joel T.  Biology
Smalley, Josiah B.  Mathematics
Waddle, Emily J.  Philosophy
Ward, William  Earth and Environmental Sciences
Zahrieh, David  Biostatistics
Zhao, Ze  Mathematics

Recipient Teaching Department
Aiello, Gordon James Mathematics
Bartlett, Heidi Wiren Art and Art History
Feller, Gavin Communication Studies (teaches in Rhetoric)
Gerstle, Kevin Mathematics
Goering, Daniel Management & Organizations
Gommel, Maria E. Mathematics
Hu, Nan Mathematics
Janechek, Jennifer Anne English
Jayachandiran, Chenthuran Communication Studies
Johnson, Olivia G. Accounting
Keeler, Austin B. Biology
Larbi, Hajer Religious Studies
Ligo, Richard G. Mathematics
Ludovici, Dominic A. Physics and Astronomy
Mielczarek, Natalia Journalism and Mass Communication
Nania, Samantha L. Chemistry
Putt, Shelby S. Anthropology
Robinson, Erin L. Social Work
Romdhane, Asma Ben French and Italian
Rubinstein, Helen Betya English-Non- Fiction Writing
Schilling, Emily Political Science
Shah, Parin A. Chemistry
Teed, Corinne Printmaking
Urick, Benjamin Y. Pharmacy Practice and Science
Vasseur, Raychel Spanish and Portuguese
Wang, Bo Statistics & Actuarial Science
Wang, Tianjiao Biomedical Engineering
Ward, Amanda Psychology
Williams, Katlyn Rhetoric
Ziegler, Janet Brehm Music
Zimmer, Eric Steven History

Recipient Teaching Department
Ahlers, Katelin Biology
Alex, Stacey Spanish and Portuguese
Asbury, Bryan Rhetoric
Baker, Gabriel History
Bui, Linh Biology
Caples, Christine Mathematics
Collins, Brian Philosophy
DiClemente, Kristi History
Grossnickle- Batterton, Stephanie English
Irving, Brook Communication Studies
Kulikova, OIga Russian
LeVillian, Steve French and Italian
Matthiesen, Robert Chemistry
Menke, Kristin Psychological and Quantitative Foundations
Miele, Benjamin English
Miguel, Nicholas Music
Miles, Stephanie Journalism and Mass Communication
Miller, Mark Biochemistry
Morton, Benjamin Communication Studies
Olson, Justine Chemistry
Overholt, Michael Classics
Reeves, Cody Management and Organizations
Roy, Heather Ann Rhetoric
Smith, Bethany Rhetoric
Spracklen, Andrew Molecular and Cellular Biology
Spracklen, Cassandra Epidemiology
Sulzer, Mark Teaching and Learning
Taylor, Taryne English
Van Winkle, Clinton Civil Engineering
Williams, Jessica Mathematics

Recipient   Teaching Department
Bacon Curry, Michelle Teaching and Learning
Barr, Jennifer Anatomy and Cell Biology
Bookman, Joseph D. Communication Studies
Carviou, James R. Journalism and Mass Communication
Dellsperger, David Biomedical Engineering
Downes, Patrick Management and Organizations
Griesenauer, Erin Mathematics
Halvorson, Kimberly Psychology
Honken, Annette M. Mathematics
Humston, Jonathan Chemistry
Ibrahim, Sherif Chemistry
Johnson, Amy M. Biostatistics
Jones, Jacqueline A. Classics
Karatza, Sofia Rhetoric
Kreitzer, Rebecca Political Science
Kucker, Sarah Psychology
Lundberg, Elizabeth English
Madsen, Paige Journalism and Mass Communication
Norton, Rachel M. Mathematics
O'Loughlin, Ian M. Philosophy
Plum, Mark Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Tewfik Rizk, Marian Psychology
Sanchagrin, Ken Sociology
Schnicker, Nicholas Chemistry
Sinnwell, Michael Chemistry
Stoutenburg, Gregory Philosophy
Tibbits, Tawny Geoscience
Walk, Julia Mathematics
Whiting, Catherine Physics and Astronomy
Willardson, Spencer Political Science

Recipient Teaching Department
Balbontin, Pablo Spanish and Portuguese
Borchers, Brian Math
Brummett, Erin Communication Studies
Calamia, Matthew Psychology
Carlstein, Andres Creative Writing
Charlier, Steven Management and Organizations
Cukierski, Daniel Geoscience
Draxl, Heather Language, Literacy and Culture
Druivenga, Nathan Math
Eicher, John History
Embree, Sadia Math
Gall, Zach English
Gromadzki, Derek Cinema and Comparative Literature
Ho, Adrienne Classics
Jannie, Karry Biology
Kley, Katharina German
Kliethermes, Stephanie Biostatistics
Laird, Rebecca Chemistry
Oviedo, Marilda Journalism and Mass Communication
Raddant, Ann Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
Ranjan, Rajiv Asian and Slavic Languages
Reynolds, Erin Epidemiology
Shippy, Rebekah Chemistry
Takacova, Ivana American Studies
Taylor, Samuel Philosophy
Tecedor Cabrero, Marta Spanish and Portuguese
Trabert, Sarah Anthropology
Vasquez, Matthew Social Work
Vinsonhaler, Nettie English
Wijenayaka, Lahiru Chemistry

Recipient   Teaching Department
Benjamin, Cortney Spanish/Portuguese
Boxer, Christie Sociology
Brickman, Lauren Theater
Brummett, Adam Chemistry
Carlton, Lisa Communications
Chavez, Felicia Nonfiction Writing
Coppenger, Brett Philosophy
de Lacerda, Maria Art
Ellingwood, Nathan Math
Foster, Jessica Theater
Frueh, Jacob Chemistry
Grabes, Abraham Philosophy
Guay, Russell Management/Organization
Hargrave, Kathyrn Art
Harvey, David Cinema/Comparative Lit
Heacock-Renaud, Jennifer Spanish/Portuguese
Johnson, Travis English
Kilgore, Ross Math
Livesay, Curtis Communications
Loman, Jennifer English
Malone, Shawn Geoscience
Manuel, Antonio Chemistry
Pederson, Joshua Communications
Perrine, Aaron Music
Phillips, Kristopher Philosophy
Preus, Christian Latin and Classics
Price, Sharada Latin and Classics
Usova, Ekaterina Math
Skow, Christine Psychology
Wolf, Roseanne Math
Yong, Kamuela Math

Recipient  Teaching Department
Bartram, Faye LinHistory
Bascom, Brandon R.Music
Boscaljon, Daniel RobertEnglish
Bruchmann, KathrynPsychology
Cordle, Angela R.Biology
Diedrichs, DaniloMathematics
Draxler, Bridget AsaRhetoric and English
Elacqua, ElizabethChemistry
Foster, Eric D.Biostatistics
Gaebler, David JonathanMathematics
Giluk, Tamara LynnManagement and Organizations
Jaeger, Theodore R.Physics and Astronomy
Janssen, Joanne NystromGeneral Education Literature
Krines, Mark A.Mathematics
Kuhnel, Dennis LeonHistory
Kulikov, VladimirLinguistics
Mishanina, TatianaChemistry
Morrissey, Joanna LynnHealth and Sport Studies
Nobbs, GarrettArt and Art History
Park, Hannah SangheeWriters' Workshop/Creative Writing
Plank, Ezra LincolnReligious Studies
Pleiss Morris, AnnGeneral Education Literature
Proctor, Lavanya MuraliAnthropology
Range, Regina ChristianeGerman
Thomas, Jonathan TannerAnthropology
Tullis, Brittany NicoleSpanish and Portuguese
Waterman, Anna JoyAnthropology
Wilhite, MatthewReligious Studies
Winter, Kelly Ruth AndersonRhetoric
Woods, Alexander DavidsonAnthropology

Recipient  Teaching Department
Baig, FatimaGerman
Blumberg, LifeClassics
Campolattaro, MatthewPsychology
Cannistra, JosephChemistry
Darr, BenjaminPolitical Science
Davis-McElligatt, JoannaGeneral Education Literature
Dickey, ChristopherMusic
Dustin, SusanManagement and Organizations
Elmasry, MohamadJournalism and Mass Communication
Farquhar, LeeJournalism and Mass Communication
Goethe, RenéeHistory
Hager, AmandaMathematics
Kolesnikova, AnnaAsian and Slavic Languages and Literature
Miller, BrianHistory
Norwood, KristenCommunication Studies
O'Connor, RyanEducational Policy & Leadership Studies
Pesola, LeahFrench and Italian
Ramírez, José Miguel PlataSpanish and Portuguese
Reynolds, CarisaAnthropology
Rock, WilliamChemistry
Rost, JohnMathematics
Schulz, DanielPhilosophy
Sharma, LeighPsychology
Sheeley, SaraBiology
Starr, JeremyMusic
Talbott, ShannonMathematics
Toth, GyorgyAmerican Studies
Trentin, SummerArt and Art History
White, GracePsychology
Wismer, MeredithAnthropology

Recipient   Teaching Department
Besse, Ian Applied Mathematics & Computational Science
Bocaz, Maria Spanish and Portuguese
Bradford, Adam English
Brasile, Monica Women's Studies
Brooks, Susan Mathematics
Capp, Laura E.S. English
Cooper, Heather History
Daigle, Erica English
Daniluk, Wade Statistics and Actuarial Science
DiSarro, Brian Political Science
Fleeger, Jennifer Cinema and Comparative Literature
Johnson, Robin Journalism and Mass Communication
Kim, Yeon Kyeong Journalism and Mass Communication
Knoll, Benjamin Political Science
Koehn, Demelza Biological Sciences
Kuennen, Robert Journalism and Mass Communication
Kumpf, Kirsten German
Van Laarhoven, Jon Applied Mathematics & Computational Science
Lambert, James English
Libby, Heather Philosophy
Meyer, Jonas Mathematics
Miller, Robert Music/University Bands
Molle, Heather Mathematics
Mueller, Stephanie Spanish and Portuguese
Owen, Travis Chemistry
Raiford, Wanda English
Rybicki, Jim Physics and Astronomy
Samelson, Vicki Speech Pathology & Audiology
Samson, Lindsay Classics
Stehnova, Jitka Mathematics
Wolf, Bianca Preventive & Community Dentistry

Recipient   Teaching Department
Ambrose, Jennifer Rhetoric
Beesley, Erin German
Bennett, Lucas Mathematics
Copeland, Jordan Religious Studies
Cowan, Elizabeth Nonfiction Writing Program--English
Gaul, Anita Talsma History
Goedken, Amber Pharmacy
Griffioen, Amber Philosophy
Grimm, Joshua Journalism & Mass Communication
Hager, William Mathematics
Henderson, Kate English
Hubbard, Timothy Economics
Jones, Karleen Political Science
Kapoor, Amit Sociology
Kowalczyk, Nicholas Rhetoric
LeGrant, Peter Philosophy
Liu, Rossina Zamora Nonfiction Writing Program--English
Loyd, Elizabeth Rhetoric
Ludvigson, Hudson Electrical Engineering
McKinney, Colin Mathematics
Mokdad, Linda Cinema & Comparative Literature
Paschkewitz, Timothy Chemistry
Schwartz, Joseph Journalism & Mass Communication
Thorne, Mark Classics
Wendt, Theodore Mathemetics

Recipient   Teaching Department
Caldwell, Jason Biological Sciences
Carlson, Ulrike German
Duru, Firdevs Physics and Astronomy
Folsom, David Accounting
Galluzzo, Benjamin Mathematics
Haag, Sarah Psychological & Quantitative Foundations
Hamner, Everett English
Huerter, Kimberly Mathematics
Jordan, Annalisa Chemistry
Kim, Dong-Hun Political Science
Ljumanovic, Leonida Mathematics
Llosent, Giovanna Mathematics
Lucero, Nicolas Spanish & Portuguese
Mbirika, Abukuse Mathematics
Rand, Erin Communication Studies
Roth, Adam Communication Studies
Rouwenhorst, Robert Communication Studies
Sanchis-Sinisterra, Carmen Spanish & Portuguese
Sands, Barbara Teaching & Learning
Spilman, Sarah Sociology
Suzumura, Nana Asian Languages & Literature
Thoms, Joshua Second Language Acquisition
Vega, Oscar Mathematics
Vujnovic, Marina Journalism & Mass Communication
Wilson, Amy Health & Sport Studies

Recipient   Teaching Department
Adkinson, Stephanie Mathematics
Balcita, Angela English
Bataineh, Malik Mathematics
Caprar, Vasile Dan Management & Organizations
Ramon, Cuellar Chemistry
Diaz, Esteban Mathematics
Dowland, Douglas English
Dwyer, Angelique Spanish & Portuguese
Fink, Steven Religious Studies
Gaul, Brett Philosophy
Horst, Jessica Psychology
Keegan, Thomas English
Lake, Sharon American Studies
Moran, Mary English
Nowka, Scott English
Otto, Benjamin English
Pedraza, Francisco Political Science
Reynaga, Oscar Spanish & Portuguese
Russell, Heather Mathematics
Sheir, Rebecca English
Szustak, Anja German
Walker, Todd Economics
Warfield, Tara Music
Weiss, Dorothy English
Wortel, Matthew Geoscience

Recipient   Teaching Department
Boss, Kelly Chemistry
Bouvier, Courtenay Rhetoric
Burke Odland, Sarah Journalism & Mass Communication
Crites, Danya Art and Art History
Cummings, Anne Psychological & Quantitative Foundations
DiVerde, Marci Spanish & Portuguese
Elola, Idoia Spanish & Portuguese
Erickson, Stacy English (General Education Literature)
Esch, Kevin Cinema & Comparative Literature
Gruber,  Heather Classics
Hamp, Amanda Dance
Hlas, Christopher Curriculum & Instruction
Hou, Xiaojie Mathematics
Jameslyn, Jennifer Women's Studies
Kushner, Aviya English (General Education Literature)
LaVine, Heidi English (General Education Literature)
Parker, Annie History
Ramirez, Diane Geoscience
Reif, Kathleen Mathematics
Shannon, Megan Political Science
Simmering, Vanessa Psychology
Simmons, Robert Classics
Spyra, Anna English/General Education Literature
Steele, Brent Political Science
Taylor, David Curriculum & Instruction

Recipient   Teaching Department
Ackerland, Monica Spanish & Portuguese
Aldridge, Amy Communication Studies
Anderson, Brett Accounting
Banash, Jennifer English/General Education Literature
Behrends, William German
Brcka, Allison Mathematics
Colletti, Carla Music
Croft, Jennifer English/General Education Literature
Deyrup, Stephen Chemistry
Dvorak, LuAnn Rhetoric
Farthing, Cynthia Mathematics
Jarvis, Gary History
Jesson, Greg Philosophy
Kisting, Wesley English/General Education Literature
McGovern, Jennifer English/General Education Literature
Molina, Pablo Chemistry
Nakagawa, Michiko Asian Languages & Literature
Obadat, Mohammad Civil & Environmental Engineering
O'Donnell, Mary Spanish & Portuguese
Peterson, Jed History
Rao, Smita Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science
Slagter, Tracy Political Science
Stewart, Courtney Geoscience
Tafolla, Heidi Curriculum & Instruction
Yasuda, Takeshi Physics & Astronomy

Recipient     Teaching Department
Abadie, Leslie American Studies
Aho, Lara Classics
Bargen, Andrew Political Science
Bennett, Patricia Geography
Carrell, Daniel Educational Policy & Leadership Studies
Charis-Carlson, Jeffrey Rhetoric
Geil, Abraham English & American Studies
Haley, Michael Economics
Hoffman, Darren Anatomy & Cell Biology
Kelley, Joyce General Education Literature
Keysor, Angela History
Lain, Brian Rhetoric
LaTendresse, Alison Cinema & Comparative Literature
McAtee, Jenelle Mathematics
Meisterheim, Melissa Linguistics
Osa-Melero, Lucia Spanish & Portuguese
Richards, Stephanie Theatre Arts
Tomomasa, Sasa Linguistics
Schmidt, Renita Curriculum & Instruction
Shoultz, Amy Curriculum & Instruction
Soberanis, Policarpio Mathematics
Solli, Kristin Rhetoric
Swenson, Jeffrey Rhetoric
Wolfe, John Education Technology Center
Wyne, Kevin Rhetoric

Recipient   Teaching Department
Akgun, Ugur Physics & Astronomy
Cady, Kathryn Rhetoric
Clinton, Andrew English
Coke, Pamela Curriculum & Instruction
Dykstra, Lisa Russian
Fry, Melissa Chemistry
Gilsenan, Thomas Social Work
Harbour, Jennifer History
Hayes, Mary Rhetoric
Hellyer, Joan Religion
Helvering, David Music
Ishida, Suda Journalism & Mass Communication
Kendrot, Elise Art & Art History
Lechelt, Greta Mathematics
McMahan, David Communication Studies
McMahon, Deirdre English
Moeckli, Jane Geography
Moll, Melissa Music
Montgomery, Andrew Classics
Roscum, Abigail Mathematics
Schreiber, Anne German
Sessions, Joshua English - Writer's Workshop
Smit, Christopher Rhetoric
Stuffelbeam, Ryan Mathematics
Reyes-Torres, Agustin Comparative Literature
Whittaker, William Anthropology

Recipient   Teaching Department
Bardwell, Kedron Political Science
Bognar, Matthew Statistics & Actuarial Science
Brigido-Corachan, Anna Spanish & Portuguese
Choi, June-Bong Communication Studies
Clarke, Vickie Rhetoric
Curry, Kathryn Statistics & Actuarial Science
Dieme, Joseph French & Italian
Duquaine, Jullian Rhetoric
Fidalgo-Eick, Maria Spanish & Portuguese
Finley, Ashley Sociology
Fry, John History
Hibler, Kelli Exercise Science
Hiner, Jason Physics & Astronomy
Iancu, Mirela Mathematics
Johnson, Paul Mathematics
Kash, Jeffrey Political Science
Kwon, Yongjin Industrial Engineering
Lauhon, Carol English / Women's Studies
Lemire, James Biological Sciences
Lucas, Jeffrey Sociology
Mallot, Jack General Education in Literature
Marchman, Michael Geography
Quirk, Kevin American Studies
Rassmussen, Jean Curriculum & Instruction
Robeson, John Mathematics
Shorey, Christian Geoscience
Steffen, Suzi Rhetoric
Waniewski, Brian English / Creative Writing

Recipient   Teaching Department
Axtell, Michael Mathematics
Bertz, Ned History
Carder, Amy Spanish & Portuguese
Chen, Wei Mathematics
Clarke, Sharon Mathematics
Dolan, Sara Psychology
Flowers, Lawrence Biological Sciences
Gat, Shura French & Italian
Gjerstad, Kerry Spanish & Portuguese
Johansen, Mary Computer Science
Kyle, Traci English
MacDonald, Sarah English / General Education Literature
Merrill, Christi Nonfiction Writing Program
Newport, Bari Theatre Arts
Perez, Aminta History
Rasin, Jennifer Rhetoric / English
Remer, Lynne Chemistry
Stucky, Pamela Classics
Tyx, Carol English / General Education Literature
Vandervelde, Scott Accounting
Wendel, Dierdre Political Science
Winders, Michael Mathematics
Wynn, Victor Sociology

Recipient   Teaching Department
Arrington, Cammon Biochemistry
Cipriano, Michael Accounting
Coggins, Cinda English / Rhetoric
Conyers, Patrick History
Deam, Dirk Rhetoric
Denniston, Rhawn Geology
Dubek, Laura General Education in Literature
Huff, Elisa Speech Pathology & Audiology
Lauhon, Carol General Education in Literature / English
LoFaro, Walter Mathematics
Marcussen, Kristen Sociology
McCraken, Allison American Studies
Morano, Michelle English / General Education in Literature
Oberle, Heidi Mathematics
Park, Aaron Rhetoric / Communication Studies
Pauwels, Brian Psychology
Ryan, Leah Theatre Arts
Sharp, Helen Speech Pathology & Audiology
Strickland, Laura Geology
Suzuki, Aaron Geology
Waggett, Deborah Science Education
Weston, Clifford History
Winkenwerder, Jennifer Chemistry