Hubbard-Walder Award for Excellence in Teaching

The Hubbard-Walder Award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes faculty who have participated in a rich variety of university teaching (e.g., undergraduate, graduate or professional, classroom, one-on-one) and who have contributed to curriculum and/or program development. 

Who May Be Nominated

Five faculty members (tenure-track, clinical-track, or instructional-track) will receive the award. Each award carries a $1,000 honorarium.

Each DEO is eligible to submit one nomination to the Council on Teaching on behalf of a faculty member in the DEO’s department. The nominee must have a minimum of six years of teaching experience at the University of Iowa and must hold the rank of Associate Professor, Professor, Clinical Associate Professor, Clinical Professor, Associate Professor of Instruction/Practice, or Professor of Instruction/Practice. The DEO must follow the nomination guidelines. All documents should be combined into one .pdf file and submitted electronically to Kimberly Nye (
We encourage DEOs to consult widely with a diverse and broad representative group of students, faculty, and administrators to identify outstanding faculty to nominate for this award. The Council also expects DEOs to give full consideration to women and minority candidates in the selection process. The Hubbard-Walder Award for Teaching Excellence can only be received once.