The following guidelines should be used for submitting nominations to ensure the Council on Teaching has sufficient information and to employ uniform, university-wide standards in choosing recipients. Each nomination will include:

  • A completed President and Provost cover sheet President and Provost Award Cover Sheet.
  • A brief statement (not to exceed 2 pages) of the nominee's teaching philosophy and practices.
  • An abbreviated CV (not to exceed 5 pages) that should include:
    • A brief professional history (degrees held with dates, faculty positions held with dates).
    • A narrative summary or tabular form addressing courses taught and number of classroom/student contact hours encompassing no more than the past five years.
    • A list summarizing other teaching-related activities at the graduate and undergraduate levels including mentoring, advising, and curriculum development or enhancement.
    • A list of teaching awards (or nominations) received at the University of Iowa.
    • Do not include scholarly publications, research grants, administration, or service unless these demonstrably relate to the nominee's teaching.
  • Five current letters of support from current and former students, with at least one letter being from a former student describing how the nominee demonstrated his/her commitment to lifelong learning through his/her teaching.
  • Two current letters of support from faculty colleagues describing the nominee's record of contributions to teaching excellence. One of the letters should come from the nominee's DEO.
  • A compilation of student comments (not to exceed 1 page) from course evaluations, the Center for Teaching Thank-a-Teacher program, or similar.
  • A letter from the collegiate dean explaining the college's nomination process and why the college chose to nominate this candidate. The letter must provide clear evidence of meaningful participation by students in the nomination and selection process.

The Council regards the following qualities as evidence of a nominee's "high level of teaching excellence," as cited in the award announcement. It is not anticipated that nominees will have demonstrated all of these qualities, or engaged in all such activities.

  • Demonstrated a sustained record of teaching excellence at the University of Iowa (usually 10 years or more) and commitment to student learning.
  • Previously recognized for excellence in teaching at the University of Iowa.
  • Committed to spending time with students, both inside and outside of class. Shows genuine interest in the welfare of his/her students. Demonstrates a passion for teaching and student learning.
  • Involved in a variety of teaching and student-learning activities, including but not limited to:
    • Developing and teaching required and elective courses.
    • Teaching and/or mentoring undergraduate and graduate/professional students.
    • Mentoring student groups (e.g., faculty advisor).
    • Teaching outreach classes in Iowa primary or secondary schools.
    • Mentoring or leading workshops for primary or secondary school teachers (i.e., improving instruction in the state of Iowa in general, not solely at the university).
    • Innovation in the classroom (e.g., technology, service learning, etc.)
    • Publishing a widely-used textbook.
  • Contributed to career success of former students.
  • Played a significant role in curriculum development or enhancement.
  • Created or used teaching materials suitable for a variety of student learning styles.

Nomination documents should be combined in one .pdf file and submitted electronically to Kimberly Nye in the Office of the Provost ( by noon on Wednesday, November 24, 2021 (note: the day before Thanksgiving)