Documents required when nominating a student for the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award include:

Nominator Recommendation:

Students, faculty, colleagues, DEOs and Deans may nominate a teaching assistant. In a one-page letter the nominator should address the criteria included below. Successful nominations typically cite specific instances of, for example, the nominee's ability to arouse student interest, effort devoted to teaching, preparation for class, clarity of presentations, effectiveness in encouraging class interaction, ability to motivate students, and quality of feedback given to students. In his/her letter, the nominator should be as clear as possible when describing the level of involvement and teaching responsibilities of the nominee. The nominator must print his or her name at the bottom of the page, and sign and date the nomination.

Recommendation from the Course Director or a Faculty Member Familiar with the Nominee's Teaching:

The course director must also write a one-page recommendation addressing similar criteria to those listed above for the nominator recommendation. If the course director is the nominator, then another faculty member familiar with the nominee's teaching, including the Director of Graduate Studies or the DEO, should write this second recommendation. The faculty recommender should print his or her name at the bottom of the page, and sign and date the letter.

Statement of Teaching Philosophy:

The nominee is to prepare a one-page statement of teaching philosophy.  A statement of teaching philosophy has been defined as "a purposeful and reflective essay about the author's teaching beliefs and practices."  Examples of statements of teaching philosophy are available on the internet. 

Summary of Course Evaluations:

We recognize that departments use various means to solicit student evaluations of teaching assistants' performance. Please adapt your department's methods to the nomination requirements, summarizing the evaluations in no more than 2 pages.

A faculty member from the teaching department, normally the course director, must provide the evaluation summary; the nominee may not be charged with this responsibility. Identify the course number, course name, and section enrollment for the relevant evaluations.

Although anonymous student comments related to the nominee are highly recommended, they are not an absolute requirement. 

Student Letters:

The nominator should solicit no fewer than 3 and no more than 5 typewritten letters of reference from students in the classes the teaching assistant has taught. The letters must be scanned into one .pdf file before uploading to the submission form. Unless the student is no longer at the University or otherwise unavailable, each letter should be signed by the student. To avoid potential conflict of interest, the nominee should not have access to letters written by currently enrolled students.

Academic Status: 

The DEO must check the box that confirms the nominee is in good academic standing.